Fermentation Products since 1932

Western Yeast has customers world-wide

Western Yeast Company is a family-owned manufacturer of microbial-based fermentation products, which are mature, active and all-natural feed supplements. These yeast cultures have been cultivated from starter to maturity and were designed specifically to improve animal nutrition.

Every ounce of our product has gone through a painstaking double fermentation process which allows us to harness the energy of the yeast cell (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with all of its benefits…and we’ve been doing it consistently and reliably since 1932.

Our products have a global presence and are safe for the environment.   As trusted experts in our field, we have a solution for you…whether you are a commercial producer or an operator of a small family farm; we can help maximize animal feed efficiency while increasing your profits.  That’s the Western Advantage.

Western Yeast Company

305 W. Ash St.
Chillicothe, IL 61523-1603

“I can’t imagine not using Western Yeast MOS-CON on my farm!”
~Fred Rosenbohm, Linden Hill Farms
8/15/2014 – Western Yeast MOS-CON Research Report Now Available!